Day 13

We’re wrapping up the 2015 Beer and Baseball Road Trip in San Antonio. 

We started the day with a hike in Government Canyon State Natural Area. Although the entrance to this park is across the street from a subdivision, once you venture onto a piece of the 40+ miles of hiking trails, you’d never know it.

San Antonio is located south of the Texas Hill Country. The Hill Country is known for rolling hills, wineries, german settlements, lakes, and rivers. Sounds fantastic, right? And it really is. The countryside around San Antonio is…not quite that. When I first moved down to Texas, someone pointed me to the writer John Graves who, in turn, introduced me to the land of Texas, first in Goodbye to a River (highly recommended, btw). Although I must have known the word previously, reading Graves is when I first remember encountering the word “hardscrabble.” Or maybe it just was seared into my mind at that point because it is the perfect word to describe large parts of the state, including this area to the west of San Antonio. No purple mountain majesty, no rushing rivers, no miles and miles of crops, just dry dirt and rocks and scrubby plants. And it’s beautiful. The husband spent some quality camping time in this area with the daughters and they both attended summer camps here, D#2 going on to work at one of the camps throughout most of her high school and college years. This area in between  Hill Country and South Texas and West Texas is her coming home spot, much as the rich soil and cornfields of Illinois is mine. 

We only hiked for about an hour in Government Canyon, but we will plan to go back again. There had been heavy rains the weeks before and the wildflowers and cacti were showing off.


But this isn’t a trip about natural beauty, it’s a beer and baseball trip, so it was off to the San Antonio Saucer for (at least) one beer. When the manager there heard he had a couple of out of town beerknurds visiting, he decided to make us this:

It was the PERFECT way to commemorate our FINAL Flying Saucer. 

It might have been the perfect way to end our trip….we could check into a hotel mid-afternoon, relax, read…

But no, we still had a brewery and a baseball game to see.

We went to Freetail Brewing which started as a brewpub, but now also has a separate production facility. We timed it right for a  personal tour with one of the brewers. Freetail is only available in bars in Houston for  now, so we topped off our ice chests with a mixpack of their cans. 

Finally, we went to the San Antonio Missions game in Wolff Stadium. Wolff is an older stadium and the Missions are one of the oldest teams in the Texas League  with lots of history. I was excited to see this banner of a former Mission:

It was a beautiful night for baseball, the crowd was large and enthusiastic and the home team won. Speaking of home, it is time to head that way.

One thought on “Day 13

  1. Thanks for sharing your fun and insights from the journey-I feel like I’ve been ona wonderful trup!

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