Day 14 – The Ninth Inning – The Last Call

We had a great trip and I had a lot of fun blogging our adventures. Thanks for reading along. This comment was supposed to be at the end of this post, but the pictures messed everything up and I can’t figure out how to get it down there and I AM DONE. P.S. The husband neglected to send me the picture of me feeding the miniature donkeys or I would have put that in here, too. 

I’ve been told that the trip can’t possibly be finished until I do a wrap-up post, so here goes:

Miles driven: 3200

Time in the car: 58 hrs and 54 min

Flying Saucers where we had (at least) one beer: 10

Saucers left to visit: NONE, until they open another location.

Baseball  games attended: 6-9, depending on how you count them (2 major, 6 minor, 1 rainout)

Breweries visited: 8, and I use a very broad definition of a brewery.

Official brewery tours taken: 2

Gin Rummy Tournament final standings: 5-4, I won, but the husband does not appear to have accepted the terms of the contest as he has yet to wash a dish since returning home.

Arguments about navigation/direction: I really don’t want to talk about this anymore. The sooner I forget this whole sordid aspect of the trip the sooner I’ll be willing to plan another vacation. 

Times worn shorts: Once, on the drive home.

Days wearing a sweatshirt or jacket: I think 10, as ususal I packed too much of the wrong stuff.

Dishrags completed: 2 or 3, I finished the third after we got home.

And finally, if the formatting works, a few more random pictures from the trip:

Best window in a Flying Saucer goes to Little Rock #cowabduction


The Bunny! For D#2

Dancers! For the sister

Now isn’t this a heritage driving trail you’d love to take? Only in Iowa.

At the FtWorth Garden, a bit of common sense

Also in Ft Worth, a Texas Lilac!!

Husband with Fiesta Penny at the Missions game. The Ballapeno was busy.

Rocky Gnone looking over a few mementos of the trip.

Your thoughts?

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