To Become or Not To Become

I know, I know…we females always eventually turn into our mothers.

D#2 recently visited my sister and she returned to Houston saying how many mannerisms my sister and I share. I presume these are the same mannerisms that I don’t notice in myself, but when I see them in my sister I think, “wow, that is just like Mom.”

I do wonder what kind of person I will age into. Will I become a curmudgeon? Perhaps an overbearing matriarch type? An exemplary member of the Red Hat Society with a credo like “When I am old I shall wear purple”? More likely a bit of a homebound recluse, surrounded by books and knitting, tethered to the outside world by twitter and text messages – oh yeah, I’m already at least halfway there.

I think my sister and I took opposites sides of our mother’s personality. I grew deep roots and am happiest surrounded by family and close friends. I try to make my own little corner of the world a slightly better place. My sister is the risk taker, the adventurer, who likes to do her good deeds and live her good life on a much larger, global scale. Perhaps my life looks more like Mom’s, but I think my mother was much more ambitious than I have ever been and had circumstances been different she might have a led a life closer to her older daughter’s.

We never know for sure what will be passed down to the next generation, either thru nature or nurture. But I am pleased to share with you the following anecdotes:

D#1 reported from her latest vacation to Charleston, S.C. that she found a great little independent bookstore and, of course, had to buy something there.

D#2 offered to share with me a volume of short stories from local writers that she bought at a farmer’s market in Coupeville, WA. Unbeknownst to her, this was their second collection and I had bought the first from the same location a year ago.

In the future, I am sure the daughters will shake their heads and marvel at how much of me they see in their sister. It might even show up in their bookcases.

3 thoughts on “To Become or Not To Become

    • Thanks. Glad and sad you are back in Houston. Hope you won’t stop blogging. Surely there are some interesting floors around here…maybe in Paris, Texas?

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