I am, unashamedly, a sports fan.

Baseball has been my constant love and companion, but other sports fall in and out of my life depending on the whims of the seasons, the years, the relative success of teams I have a connection with, and the passions of people I care about. I got the general sports lover gene from my father (whose dear friend once lamented, “My god, the man will even watch GOLF on TV”) and the passionate team supporter gene from my mother (“Go Blue”). I have passed both along to the next generation in D#1.

D#1 and I both married well beneath us on the sports fan meter. Yet the SiL, non-sports fan that he is, has brought the game of Ice Hockey into our lives.

Growing up in Chicagoland, my father and I were Blackhawks fans. I think the games must have been regularly shown on WGN and I can recall some names from the past like, Hull, Mikita, Magnuson, and Esposito. We never went to a game in person, and I think the TV coverage went to a premium channel just as I was getting obsessed with college sports. Then I moved to Houston, which has never had an NHL team, and my interest waned.

Ice Hockey happens to be about the only sport that the SiL enjoys watching. After marriage and settling in DFW, he realized that perhaps his sanity depended on a quick cross-check of his bride into the world of hockey. It was not a hard sell. Now D#1 is an avid Stars fan and SiL at least enjoys the games with her. She has gotten me excited about following the team as well, so now I have one more sport to knit by, so handy since it is mostly offset from baseball season.

Last week we went up for a visit and included a Stars games at American Airline Center in Dallas. It was a blast! Good company, good beer (at Community Brewing before the game), great rendition of the National Anthem, fast action, good crowd, exciting win in the shootout after the scoreless overtime. We’ll definitely be going up for another game next season.

Houston has never been a hockey town, minor league teams have come and gone with limited fan support. Next time hockey shows up here, there will be at least one more avid fan, but for now a Dallas team has my heart. Go Stars!




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