One Word Resolution


The idea of a one word (New Year’s) resolution is brilliant. No laundry list of needed improvements, no declarative promises waiting to be broken, just one word to provide focus to the near future.

I see the word “mindfulness” a lot these days, but that wasn’t quite right for me. Mindfulness is way of being and thinking, while intention is way of taking action. So this year, I resolve to act with intention: to read with intention, to write with intention, to eat with intention, to exercise with intention, to interact with the world with intention, to make choices with intention.

It feels like a mantra that will re-center me when I get off-balance, and set new sails when I become adrift. 2015 was the year of my “pick-up-sticks” birthday, a number with seemingly no significance, yet my body seemed to complain more and the memory drawers in my brain were harder to access, both for retrieval and storage. When we are young, there is always time…for doors to open, for things to work out, for change and growth and opportunity.  I think there is plenty of life left for me, but I think it’s time to spend it with a bit more intention.

I intend to have a great 2016.

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