Morning Has Broken…

…and the Rooster is crowing! The Tournament of Books has begun! Click the link to join the fun. Today is just an intro, the book judging begins tomorrow. If you’re not hooked by today’s discussion, then there’s no reason for you to pay it any mind in the future. But if you’re like me and chuckling at these opening lines, then by all means bookmark the site and be prepared to lose anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour a day for the next several weeks.

John: A dozen years, Kevin. The Tournament of Books is in its final moments as a preteen. Things are already pretty raucous, so I almost shudder to think what the ToB will be like when it hits its teen years.

Kevin: I expect monosyllabic judgements, a lot of dystopian romance, and a secret porn bracket that we won’t know about until the Rooster goes to camp.

Based on the first 33 comments, with seven books finished I am under-read (tho no one had read them all and one person hadn’t read any) and the books I have enjoyed the most are not the crowd favorites. This booknerd is just really, really happy that that the Rooster has finally arrived  to help me stop thinking about politics.

Your thoughts?

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