Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Remember when the contractor told me that he might could get the bathroom finished in 4 weeks? Yeah, me too. We are entering week 5 of the great master bath remodel of 2016 and he told me this morning that they should be able to be essentially finished by the end of the week. (Essentially meaning everything except the glass door which has to be measured and ordered after the shower tiling is completely finished.) Then he told me all the things that still had to get done and all the different people who had to come or come back into this space that really can’t hold more than 2 people at a time. But what’s yet another week or two (that I kinda expected anyways)?

Still, I like what I see so far:


The new vanity (mostly), the new in-wall medicine cabinet, no fur down, new wallpaper.


Sage green paint on the walls, as imagined.


The bench in the back of the taller and wee bit deeper shower..

Fairly confident that MBR16 will eventually come to a satisfactory conclusion. Not so sure about the Flat Banana.


Your thoughts?

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