Simple Pleasures #14

The temperature and humidity are on the rise and the grand-dog returns to Ft Worth this weekend, so I know that my walks on the bayou will likely be getting shorter and less frequent. So one last simple pleasures post on the sights and sounds along Buffalo Bayou this week.

Although not a native wildflower, this morning-glory vine escaped from a backyard onto the trail:



The bluebonnets are still around, but are now giving ground to black-eyed susans and queen anne’s lace:



It’s possible that what I call black-eyes susans, with the brown centers, are actually something else. Believe it or not, I did bother to look up some wildflower pictures, but I’m still not 100% sure. I did finally find the real name of these beauties that the husband and all native Texans call “buttercups”.


Never could understand that name since the flowers are PINK. (Reason given: If you hold them under your chin, the pollen makes your chin yellow if you like butter.) Now I know that they are actually a primrose.

A distinctive rap-rap-rap-rap-rap got me looking up instead of down and my eyes were able to locate a pileated woodpecker doing some carpentry work on a tree before flying off. It’s not an uncommon bird, but it is so different from the red-bellied and downy woodpeckers that frequent our backyard feeders that it always gives me a simple pleasure to see one of these living versions of Woody Woodpecker.

Your thoughts?

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