Shifting Hobbies

I tend to embrace my hobbies the way much of the world consumes TV series, by bingeing. (WordPress did not like this word, and I agree that it looks funny, but I believe it is the proper spelling.) The first quarter of this year saw me reading at a much higher than normal rate, thanks to the motivation of the ToB. And although I am in the middle of a great book for bookclub, I am just not feeling the drive to make a major dent in my to-read pile(s). Gardening has been picking up lately, because the weather has been so spectacular. There is definitely more yard work to do, but as the temperature and humidity rise, my landscaping motivation starts to wane. It is baseball season, but baseball isn’t so much of a hobby as an obsession. So what hobby is calling out to me now? Knitting!

There’s pretty much always something in progress on a set of needles, but I am suddenly motivated and anxious to start some new projects. I want to do a sweater/shawl thing for my mother-in-law, I want to start another wild animal just because they’re so dang cute, and I have a Christmas gift in mind for someone. But I think I really started thinking about knitting again because it is Crackerjack season!

Two years ago, a knitter by the name of Stacey Simpson Duke posted a free conceptual knitting pattern on Ravelry. The idea was to knit an infinity scarf/cowl based on your favorite baseball team’s record. You pick variations of your team’s colors to represent home and away wins and losses. Each game is recorded by knitting two rows in the appropriate color. She called the pattern “Crackerjack.” Oh yeah I did that.

crackerjack scarf

It was so much fun to do, and so easy to keep up with at only two rows per game. I wanted to do another crackerjack for the 2015 year, but one Astro scarf is plenty. Stacey posted the idea to make crackerjack socks, but I decided on a crackerjack stadium blanket. The blanket will consist of nine panels, each being one season of baseball. Last year’s panel came out great, with some added embellishments to commemorate the no-hitter pitched by Mike Fiers and a special code to indicate the play-off run (which hopefully I will have to decipher to use every year.)



Scarf and panel side-by-side

The blanket will probably fit a twin or double bed when it’s all sewn together. It may or may not actually ever see the inside of a stadium. Baseball is definitely back; the husband and I will be meeting two friends at the home opener next Monday and crackerjack blanket panel 2 is already underway.


Your thoughts?

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