Bubble Girl and the Silent Majority

Note to self: Remember the title of this post next time you go to Comedy Sportz (improv) and are asked to suggest the title of a song/story/book that has never been written..

I came across an article today entitled: Your Assessment of the Election is Way Off. Basically, it says that we all live in a bubble, especially with regards to social media, that skews our perception of the political leanings of the greater population. I realize this is not breaking news, but it is a good reminder that even those of us who claim to be open-minded still intentionally and unintentionally surround ourselves with people and ideas that tend to align with our own. Guilty as charged. I’ve been aware of this for some time, but I’m not sure how to, or if I really even want to, pop my own little bubble.

As I’ve lamented before, there are a lot of people yelling and screaming out there and that just turns me off and makes me want to tune them out. I don’t believe the yellers and screamers are the norm. I know that there is a silent majority out there. Everyone knows that there’s a silent majority out there and everyone (not yelling and screaming) assumes that they are a part of the silent majority. Ergo, everyone assumes that the silent majority shares their views. The article reminds us how wrong that assumption will prove to be, for some, come November.

I like my bubble, I like living in my comfort zone, but I don’t like feeling ignorant of the world outside my bubble. What I would really like to find is a meet-up group of different-minded and open-minded strangers who would like to discuss any and everything in a spirited yet civil manner. Until I find that group, I’d at least like to stretch my social media bubble. I’m looking for suggestions of media outlets, blogs, and/or twitter accounts that will enlarge my world without enraging me. Is anything actually fair and balanced? Is anyone in one of the other silent majorities saying anything? It’s time…I’m willing to talk and listen.


Your thoughts?

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