Soggy Status Update

The short post: Our house is sitting high and dry, immediate roads are passable, backyard is a bit swampy.

The longer post: Damn, thatsalottawater! The official rain gauge about 5 blocks from our house reads 9.2 inches for the last 24 hrs. The bayou is higher than it was during last year’s flood. I took a few pictures, but you really can’t tell anything because there is nothing visible, no frame of reference, just a lot of water. The back side of our ‘hood has a lot of street flooding and some house flooding. The rain is still coming down, but slowly. Still, over the whole Houston area, the bayous are starting to drop; the area drains remarkably quickly. The reservoirs to our west, which are designed to protect downtown Houston (to our east) are filling, but still holding water, so that also protects our section of the bayou. We still feel lucky for the exact location of our home (dumb luck home buying).

D#2 has checked in and her car in the apartment parking lot has remained dry. There were some crazy pictures of apartment complexes not that far from her with cars completely underwater. Definitely other parts of the city are in much worse condition than we are. Husband gave a little cheer when I checked my favorite news feed (twitter) and reported to him that the whole Metro public transit system had shut down. Virtually every major freeway into downtown had flooding along it in some spot, though downtown itself seems to have been spared. Husband rolled over and went back to sleep for a bit and is now working from home.

Although it is supposed to keep raining on and off for the next three (!) days, the general consensus seems to be that heavy storms will probably not reform and Houston will begin to dry out, once again.


Your thoughts?

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