Simple Pleasures #17

This isn’t really a simple pleasure. It’s a complicated, months-long, expensive pleasure. But, finally, I handed the contractor the final check on Monday and the Great Master Bath Remodel of 2016 is complete! (mostly)

Is it perfect? Well that is kind of a no-room-for-improvement, absolute, exacting standards sort of a word, dontcha think? So no, it’s not perfect, but I can honestly say that it totally lives up to my expectations and came together pretty much as I had envisioned it. Take a look at my not very good pictures of our new space.

photo 1Here’s the new vanity. Although it is not as wide, it has more usable storage than our old one. You can see the new medicine cabinet on the right side. The floors are darker than I imagined, the counter top is marble (that we weren’t going to choose), and the sink is not as big as I had planned, but I am really happy with the way it all looks. I’m very pleased with the wallpaper choice. The mirror was a $29 find that isn’t exactly what I was looking for, but will suffice for now. (Which means we will never change it. Tho we will try to hang it a little straighter.) We picked our shower fittings first, and then were able to find all the other bits (faucet, knobs, light, towel bars) that “matched.”

Next is a look to the right of the first picture, into the shower area. You can see the sage green walls I wanted (Sherwin Williams paint color name: Sage), the dark floors, and the new, non-frayed towels. This area needs some sort of window treatment (that you can’t see – take my word for it) and/or something decorative on the wall, but that will come when I find it. photo 4

The next two pictures try to show the wonderfulness that is our new shower. I love that it is new and clean. I love the tile. I love the glass mosaic inset. I love the line of glass mosaic on the bench seat that I love. I love the new shower head and the new handheld wand. I love the wider, frameless glass door. I love the in-the-wall niches for shower-y stuff. I love that it has a light in it. I love that I call it my Tardis shower because it feels bigger on the inside than you think it is from the outside.

photo 2 photo 3

And finally, here is a close up of the countertop, the glass mosaic, the wallpaper, and the medicine 5

If you ever stay with us, I’ll let you use the shower and you, too, can experience the simple pleasure that I feel every time I step inside it. Ahhhhhh.

P.S. I have yet to master the formatting of a blog post with multiple pictures. I think I have it looking pretty good  ok if you open up the blog on a real computer. I apologize if this looks and reads like a jumbled mess of words and pictures on a smaller screen or in your email.




4 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures #17

  1. Looking at your new whizbang bathroom fixtures, I am reminded of a “Murphy Brown” episode:
    Jim (the senior anchor) is talking about his spouse and telling the rest of the team,
    “There are two things that I do NOT ask my wife.
    One is how she voted.
    The other is why she calls the shower-attachment ‘Steve’ …”

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