Simple Pleasures #18

The bats have returned to the bat house on the pine tree! Sometime after 8 pm we hear them starting to chatter and move about, “I’m not going out yet, “You go first tonight,” “Stop fidgeting, you’re waking me up,” and then, 10-15 minutes later…phoosh-phoosh-phoosh…out stream 25-30 bats. The husband is more diligent about sitting on the patio and watching/counting them than I am. I’m waiting for them to make a dent in the backyard mosquito population.

FYI: A group of bats is called a colony, or sometimes a cloud, or I saw one quasi-reliable reference to a camp of bats. Personally, I like to refer to our small backyard population as our belfry of bats.

P.S. You still have a few days to tell me what to read, make me donate to a good cause, and threaten to make me clear out a bookshelf. I still need SEVEN tasks/books. Challenge me!

2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures #18

    • I love Pat Conroy but I’ve never read Lords of Discipline. So happy to have an excuse to move it towards the top of my reading list! Thanks for the task.

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