Goliad – Part 1(camping)

The husband and I went camping this past weekend. We left on Friday and D#2 w/dog joined us on Saturday morning.

Often when we tell people that we are going camping for the weekend, their response is, quite simply, “Why?” I love camping, but I’m not sure I could tell those people why. I don’t love being hot when I can’t get cool, or cold when I can’t get warm, or wet when I can’t get dry, or dirty when I can’t get clean….all of which seem to be regular states of being when camping. I don’t love bugs…inescapable when camping. I watch other people who are camping and who seem so relaxed and comfortable and in control of their surroundings and situations and I don’t feel like that at all. I feel out of place and out of my element, but still I love camping.

This weekend we camped at Goliad State Park in Goliad, Texas. Goliad is about 150 miles southwest of Houston. It’s historically significant as the place where Fannin and his men were massacred after being captured in the war for Texas independence from Mexico. So we might have gone to Goliad for the history, but we actually went for the beer.

The state park is located midway along a hike and bike path that runs about 3 miles from the town square out to the Presidio and the mass grave of Fannin and his men. The Presido is a fort and mission originally built in 1771 and accurately reconstructed in 1968. The church there is still an active catholic parish. There is another restored mission located within the state park itself. We read at least a gazillion signs and historical markers to fulfill our history yearnings and took a guided nature hike with a ranger to get our eco-fix. Husband’s highlight (lowlight?) was learning to positively identify ragweed. My favorite take-away was the anacua or sandpaper tree. It’s a semi-evergreen (like a live oak) with leaves so rough that they can be used for fine sanding/smoothing.

We just happened to be there on the second Saturday of the month which is Goliad Market Days. We were caught off guard by how big it was, I’d say at least 70 vendors had set up around the courthouse square. It was a great place to grab lunch while we checked out all the wares.

About 3 miles on the other side of town is Goliad Brewing. We spent Saturday afternoon hanging out there. D#2 talked shop, I learned more than I thought there was to know about the world chili cookoff circuit, and husband was in his element drinking with strangers. It’s a lovely facility with plenty of grass, lawn games, tables, and shade-providing tents. It’s totally dog and family friendly and they really seem to be working to make it a community gathering spot for this town of less than 2,000 people.

We’d planned to cook a hearty camping breakfast on Sunday morning and take one last hike before heading home. Instead, we woke up to rain and ate granola bars with our morning coffee. D#2 w/dog rolled out during the first rain lull while we packed the car. We dropped the camper during the second rain lull but everything, including us, was wet. My rules for a successful camping trip are: 1)Dry in, 2)Dry during, 3)Dry out. Two out of three ain’t bad, it was a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “Goliad – Part 1(camping)

  1. Loved reading your thoughts on camping. For the record, I hate camping…..precisely because of all the reasons you cited (but I think you already knew that about me). Being at Nuby is as close to camping as I want to get, and that experience just got kicked up a notch. What camping and Nuby share is the opportunity to commune with nature and find a decent beer if needed. Can’t wait to read part 2!

  2. I would go camping, if it weren’t for the bugs. I can deal with the animals, and the varying states of wet/dryness, but I just hate bugs!

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