Goliad – Part 2 (beer/sp#20)

goseGoliad Brewing’s Watermelon Gose.

My new favorite beer that I didn’t really like.

Gose (gohs-uh) is a style of beer that is salty and sour with a low alcohol content. Breweries experiment by making goses with all sorts of herb and fruit flavors, usually as a spring or summer seasonal release. My two favorites have been a rosemary gose (Rose Gose) from Trophy Brewing in Raleigh, NC and a lime gose  (Suburban Beverage) by Perennial Artisan Ales.

I like watermelon, mostly because it is so water-y, but I don’t really like watermelon flavored anything. So when I tasted from the husband’s glass I thought, “This is wonderfully salty and refreshing, but I’m not sure I could drink a whole pint of this.” Then I ordered one for myself. With every sip I thought, “This is great, except for that watermelon flavor.” Then I ordered myself another one. Simple pleasures indeed.


2 thoughts on “Goliad – Part 2 (beer/sp#20)

    • It’s an old style from Germany, where the brewery’s water was naturally quite salty. Goses seem to be the new summertime darlings of American craft breweries. Tangy and salty!

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