Goliad – Part 3 (retail tourism)

I am mostly a window shopper. I like looking much more than I like actually plunking down the money. That being said, I have a soft spot in my heart and my wallet for small local businesses, especially book stores and yarn shops. Exploring a new city for me always includes exploring any book stores and/or yarn shops that I run across. The yarn shops are always a surprise, but there are some famous bookstores that I consider to be true don’t-miss tourist destinations. I usually feel an obligation to buy something to support these community happy places, often my favorite souvenir(s) of a trip. I have a healthy stash of inexpensive cotton yarn, the one fiber I don’t mind buying without a project in mind. I also have a healthy stash of unread books, tho book stores usually have other trinkets that often catch my eye.

Goliad, Texas might not have many stores, but they sure packed in the small vendors for their market days. We walked the whole square of booths. We bought snacks/lunch. D#2 picked up some homemade soaps…and suckered me into splitting the “discount if you buy 4” special with her. I was in full window shopping mode. Until that old soft spot was touched when I wandered by the Shear Bliss Alpaca Ranch booth. I had to buy something. I looked at some finished products, but I just couldn’t resist this:


Any buyers remorse that I might have had was completely eliminated when the owner said, “You bought Sadie, do you want to see a picture of her?” He flipped open a binder and showed me a picture of Sadie with her foal, Stormy. Her belly, legs, and head are off-white, but my yarn came from her beautiful brown back. I don’t know what I will make with it. There’s enough for a scarf or some fingerless gloves or a hat, none of which I need. But’s that OK. I supported a small, unique, local business. I have a great souvenir from a fun weekend. And, who knows, someday I just might be wearing a bit of Sadie.



Your thoughts?

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