Welcome To My World

*Deep breath*

Welcome to my world. Welcome to OUR world. Welcome to our flawed and sometimes really, really shitty world.

Welcome to my world. Here is the list of my elected officials along with their NRA Rating:

  • US Rep John Culberson – 100%, also received the 4th highest amount of NRA contributions on any US Representative
  • US Sen Ted Cruz – 100%, in his presidential run, received the 2nd highest amount of NRA contributions (Ben Carson won this dubious category)
  • US Sen John Cornyn – 93%
  • TX Gov Greg Abbot – 100%
  • TX Lt Gov Dan Patrick – 93%
  • State Rep Jim Murphy – 92%
  • State Sen Joan Huffman – 93%

It is long past time to enact some common sense gun control legislation. I never correspond with my elected officials, but I promise that all of the above will hear personally from me. My message will be simple. We’ve tried the experiment that more guns, made easier to obtain, will make America safer. Let’s try less guns. Let’s make it a little bit more inconvenient to buy and own and carry them. Let’s at least clamp down on guns that have no purpose except to kill people with excessive amounts of bullets.

It doesn’t matter how many people I agree with on twitter, “liking” tweets doesn’t make my world any better. I could do more research and try to fill this post with facts and statistics that support what I believe to true. You’ve heard and read and seen it all though. You already know all the facts and statistics there are to support what you believe to be true. Surely we do all believe that gun violence is not a good thing. There must be steps that we can take to make there be less of it.

It took me, the amateur wordsmith, six steps: guns -> duns -> dons -> done -> dove -> love

It’s time for America and the american political establishment to take the first step. Because if we, all of us, don’t take the first step, we’ll never get there.


3 thoughts on “Welcome To My World

  1. Thank you Nance! I am 100% where you are on the issue. Although you say you are an amateur wordsmith, you are a better wordsmith than I…..please share the letter you compose to send to your misguided state reps. I would like to shamelessly copy and send to some of mine😊.p

  2. Mining a deep vein of cynicism here:
    change on this subject won’t happen until it’s the floor of the House or the Senate
    that gets Hosed Down with an AK- or an AR- … legally purchased, of course —

    • Deeper vein of cynicism here: What makes you think that would make any difference, either? James Brady and Gabby Giffords have never been able to negate the gun lobby. Only law coming out of it would be closed door sessions of congress and every congress person required to have a loaded gun with them at all times … with inadequate training on how to use it, of course.

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