It takes all kinds

I love being around people who are passionate about their hobbies and careers. It’s one of the things I miss not working at the bookstore, the regular opportunity to talk books and the book business with other people who really care about such things. I love how groups form around almost any hobby/career/idea; it’s just not human nature to go it alone, we want to be involved with others and share our favorite things. Still, I’m the quintessential introvert — I love to be around all these passionate people and feel the contagion of all their excitement, but for the most part, I prefer to stay on the outside looking in.

Last weekend I attended the Houston Fiber Fest. The Fiber Fest is a two day event organized by the Houston Knit At Night Guild (KANG). Knitting groups are traditionally called guilds rather than clubs. KANG has six chapters in the Houston area and welcomes knitters, crocheters, spinners, & fiber artists. I had never heard of KANG or the Houston Fiber Fest until a friend invited me to attend with her on Saturday, but I am so glad there are people so passionate about their craft that they want to organize events like this to draw us all together.

It wasn’t huge or overwhelming. There were about 40 vendors selling all things fiber; yarn and more yarn, wool, looms, spinning wheels, drop spindles, every kind of knitting accessory, project bags, and even a booth with yarn bowls and other knit/crochet themed pottery.  There were classes (that we didn’t take) and raffles (that we didn’t win) and so much hand-made goodness and so many people enjoying, sharing, and talking about their favorite hobbies and passions.

Here’s to all of you passionate people who gather and share and teach! I’m sure there is someone out there ready to catch your excitement. I may not be passionate enough about knitting to join a guild, but I sure enjoy sharing my projects with friends and I will definitely have next year’s Houston Fiber Fest on my calendar.


Your thoughts?

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