Thoughts from the bark, cont’d

Here’s is your reward for staying tuned, per last Friday’s post:


That is Milo, the newest addition to Chez Drott. He’s a 5? year old golden?/collie? mix. Ah, shelter animals, the great question marks of the pet world. SO FAR he is mellow and sweet and mostly housebroken. He SEEMS to respect some boundaries and he walks well on a leash. He has NO IDEA what his name is and responds to no common dog words such as “come” “walk” wanna” and “treat”. His favorite activities BY FAR are lying in the air conditioning, being petted, and ripping the stuffing out of dog toys.

The husband and I had been inching closer to becoming dog owners again. We were certainly amenable to the possibility. It has been really nice not having a dog for almost 2 years (cleaner house, more schedule flexibility, one less constant responsibility), but I also really missed having a dog. I’ve been known to peruse the shelters and their websites, but I also look at homes for sale in the paper and on Zillow and go to open houses. We don’t plan to move, but if the PERFECT house popped up…

D#2 enjoys sending me info on dogs looking for new homes, mostly that her friends post on Facebook. Last Wednesday she sent me a picture of 2 small dogs that didn’t interest me at all, but they were at a Houston-area shelter that I was unfamiliar with so, naturally, I had to check out their website and list of adoptable dogs. One picture was all it took. On Thursday I was out at the shelter to see Milo in person and on Friday the husband and I went back to bring him home.

Do I think Milo is the PERFECT dog for us? No such thing, but he sure feels like the right fit. I was second-guessing myself about becoming a dog owner again right up until the moment we decided to go all-in on Milo. I’m sure more of his personality will come out as we get to know each other and you can bet there will be future “Thoughts from the bark” posts to come.


Your thoughts?

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