Because it’s a scary world out there

I got it.

I finally understand the appeal of twitter.

Remember when you watched TV or a movie as a kid and something came on the screen that you didn’t like or was scary? Maybe you thought that kissing was gross, or maybe you didn’t want to view a scary scene that would reappear in your nightmares. But you couldn’t just turn away or close your eyes completely, because then you might miss something important. So you would put your hands over your eyes and peek thru a little gap you would leave between your fingers.

You never did this? Then you probably don’t like getting your news via twitter. You did this just yesterday? Yeah, me too. And I love twitter because I get all this information about all the horrible things going on in our world in 140 characters and maybe 1 picture or GIF. I can handle almost anything in that size.

(I started to list some of the things that I don’t like and/or I think are scary, but I was WAY over 140 characters…)

I can tell I’m starting to retreat. Books lay around unopened, knitting projects go unfinished, internet reading is minimal, ipad game time is way, way up, errands are going un-run, even this beloved blog felt like a chore this morning. So I’ll fight the urge to go numb to everything happening in the world by at least keeping up with my twitter feed. I wish I was one of those people who could shout from the mountain tops in hopes of making a difference, but sometimes it feels like all I can do is keep my head out of the sand.


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