Simple Pleasure #30


I do have one other strategy for coping with the scary world from Monday’s post: sports in general, and baseball in particular. Nothing like really pouring your heart into … a game, really and truly just. a. game.

This week, baseball gave me two simple pleasures that I want to share.

Last Friday was Fedora night at the Astros game. Carlos Correa is our fantastic young shortstop who is also known to be a snappy dresser off the field, often sporting a fedora. So although many teams do a fedora give-away, I was pretty adamant about wanting to get a Carlos Correa Astros Fedora of my very own.


I don’t do hats or selfies very well, but it still makes me happy.

Last year, I was thrilled to witness Mike Fiers’ no-hitter in person, and of course, we were filling out our scorebook during the game. The Astros regularly send their players out in the community for autograph sessions and on Saturday, Fiers was signing. We took out scorebook and had him sign it twice, once over the Dodgers lineup, and once by his name on the Astros lineup.

No hits on this side!

No hits on this side!

Twice as nice.

Twice as nice.

I believe our scorecard was one of the more unusual items that Fiers signed that day. After signing he looked up at me and asked, “Do you score every game?” I replied, “Yes! Well, only the ones we attend in person, not the ones we watch on TV.” So I’m a dork. But I now have a sweet record of a sweet memory made even sweeter.


2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasure #30

  1. it’s the FUNNIEST thing:
    I’ve hit this place where simple things like a free fedora
    or an autograph on a prized possession are day-changing-makes-me-happy, too …

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