Simple Pleasure #35

Simple pleasures are for the birds this week.

I’ve been keeping the feeders minimally stocked of late because there is plenty of other food available right now for our feathered friends. Thanks to a friendly reminder from my neighborhood Wild Birds store, I did put up the hummingbird feeder and we’ve had a steady stream of migrating hummers visiting this week. I never get tired of seeing them.

I was wondering what the new dog was finding so interesting about the plant stand by the back door. I assumed he was cautiously watching a lizard, but then I saw a little bird hop away (scaring the dog, of course). When I stopped laughing, I heard cheeping still coming from the plant stand. Lo and behold there is a “nest” in one of the plants with at least one very hungry, wide-mouthed, noisy baby bird in it. Species still to be determined. Guess I won’t be watering that plant for a few weeks!

Some fun bird watching will definitely make another month of Houston summer a bit more palatable.

UPDATE: They are wrens, which I should have known based on the very messy nest. Also, two parents working to feed at least two babies.

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