Simple Pleasure #37

It’s my birthday.

Which is not actually a simple pleasure; it’s rather a big deal when any of us get to spend a whole ‘nother year doing this amazing thing called living.

But I don’t really DO birthdays, it’s just another day to enjoy some simple pleasures such as:

  1. Greetings from just the right number of special friends and family members. Thank you all for being part of my life!
  2. A gourmet dinner out with the husband. Also known as dollar hot dog night at the ballpark! Any  chance you could win one for me tonight, Astros?
  3. A dog. However this adventure comes out, we are giving it our best shot to give our cute pooch (with some unacceptable aggression issues) a chance at a forever home with us.

And my birthday wish? For all of you to enjoy some simple pleasure in  your own life today.

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