Simple Pleasure #38

Un fait accompli.

I am my mother’s daughter. For years (and I mean YEARS) I have dutifully brought back soaps, shampoos, and conditioners from hotel stays. “Can’t let this go to waste.” “Won’t these be handy to have in the bathroom.” “These will be perfect for camping trips.” Honestly, I knew I had a problem, so for the last few years I really tried to only bring home the ones that we used (partially) and were going to be thrown away. (Back to “can’t let this go to waste.”)

Then, many moons ago, I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets and came up with a huge, overflowing basket of shampoos and conditioners. Then and there I vowed to use up every. last. one. At some point I moved the cache into a smaller basket. And then this week, this happened:


Proving, once and for all, that if I set my mind to something, it can be accomplished. (True confession: I earlier put away two sets of shampoo/conditioner for that very valid handy-for-camping reason.)

Now about those soaps…


One thought on “Simple Pleasure #38

  1. The unused items here go to the local Food Bank, who (ask specifically for and) happily accept same. MY Scottish roots bristle at wasting the partially-consumed items, too.

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