Simple Pleasures #40 and #41

In keeping with the continual decline of this blog, I missed last week’s Simple Pleasures post, but there actually have been plenty of pleasures in my life. I was roundly chastised by the daughters for skipping, so to hopefully appease them, I hereby present a double dose of simple pleasures.


On our way to Asheville, we stopped in Memphis so I could FINALLY visit Mud Island (it’s a really long story). Seems a little minor to be considered a bucket list item, but it has definitely been on my “pail list” for many years. The husband and I walked the entire scale model of the (lower) Mississippi, spending way longer than we had intended.

image image

















In Asheville, we picked up this band of rogues at the airport. The entire weekend was fabulous with touristing, beer drinking, hiking, laughing, and more, but for sure the best pleasure was spending time with my four favorite twenty-somethings.image

Your thoughts?

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