Science not silence

First off, thanks for the positive feedback on my restart of TFTB. Although this blog is really just all about and for me, it is very encouraging to hear words of support from others. 

Last Saturday I rode the bus into downtown and joined the Houston March for Science. Although obviously it was organized as a response to the Trump administration policies and attitudes towards truth, facts, and science, it was much more of a support gathering than a protest. I saw several signs with variations of “Think like a proton and be positive” and that seemed to be the attitude of most everyone in attendance.

There were a few people in costume. My favorites were the Ghostbusters and Mrs. Frizzle.

Their proton packs were elaborate!


Raise your hand if you remember the Magic School Bus!

FWIW, the EPA dude was the most realistic part of the original movie.

People were supporting so many different important aspects of science. Everything from research funding to climate change to medical advances to space exploration to science education (and more!) – all areas that I and many others fear are in danger of suffering huge, perhaps unrecoverable, setbacks. There were science puns galore, inspirational quotes, and creativity in abundance. Much of which I will share with you in future posts. Hopefully the March for Science sparked a lot of conversation and I want to keep that going. We all need to be talking about why science and facts and the truth matter to everybody. As one marcher’s sign proclaimed: It’s time to Make America Think Again.

If you were around during the last reboot of TFTB, you might remember that I did a weekly “simple pleasures” post, a reminder that we all need to appreciate the little things that make us happy. Well, science makes me happy so going forward simple pleasures are going to be replaced with a quick weekly post about something science related. 

Your thoughts?

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