Top of the third

Baseball!! The 2017 season is underway, giving me a joyful diversion from the rest of life. My beloved Astros have a legitimate shot at winning their division while my formerly beloved and World Series winning Cubs are hoping to twist the always beloved Ernie Banks’ quote into, “It’s a beautiful year for baseball, lets win two!” My fantasy? Astros win the Series over the Cubs in seven.

Besides my annual shrine to the Baseball Gods, the other thing that makes an appearance at the beginning of baseball season is the crackerjack blanket. Crackerjack was originally a conceptual pattern for knitting a baseball season into an infinity scarf. The idea is that you use four colors of yarn to represent home/away wins/losses and knit a row or two of the appropriate color for each game in the season. I had so much fun doing this for the 2014 Astro season that I decided I wanted to do it every year. Since I don’t have the need for multiple orange/blue/yellow/gray scarves, I decided to make a crackerjack blanket. Each year I knit a striped panel and at the end of nine seasons (innings) I will sew them together into a blanket. April, 2017 means the beginning of the third inning of the crackerjack blanket. Here’s hoping for a preponderance of orange and yellow.

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