Roaring with pride

D#2 is a LION.

Yesterday she completed the BP-MS150 bike ride from Houston to Austin. It is a 2-day, 150+ mile ride that raises money for Multiple Sclerosis research and programs. It’s a really big deal for the MS Society, their largest of many similar rides around the country in both number of participants and amount of money raised. This year they allowed 13,000 riders and have raised over $10 million, per their website.

Much about this venture took D#2 out of her comfort zone.

Our family is not known for being athletes, and she did not break that mold. (I was going to type, “athletes don’t run in our family,” but it goes deeper than that.) Yet she decided to “become” a bike rider and committed both time and money over the last 6 months to properly equip herself and train for this.

She went into it on her own. There was a group of ladies who signed up together, but she was the only one who stuck with it.

Despite a general reluctance to sell things or ask people for money, she far exceeded her fundraising goals and never lost sight of the true purpose of the ride.

It’s not an accomplishment that I ever envisioned for her. And that makes me even prouder of her.

I am proud of both my daughters; in their academic achievements, in the women they have become, in their life choices, in their friend choices, in their compassion, in all their successes thru the years. A friend once confided in me that the first time her mother ever said she was proud of my friend was after the birth of their first child. I was stunned. I hope the daughters know how proud I am of them, I hope I have told them early and often. They are indeed my pride and joy.

Today I am busting at the seams with pride for D#2. For setting an impossible-sounding goal and achieving it.

She is a LION! Hear her (make me) ROAR!

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