Looking up

So you’re hoping this is finally a feel-good post about the state of the world or at least the state of something, right? Nope. Yesterday, the US House passed the ALOHCA (America’s Lack Of Healthcare Act) while the Texas Legislature sent the No Sanctuary Cities bill to the governor for his signature (because they don’t approve of local control options) and passed a law calling for a constitutional convention of the states (because they want more local control.)

I, however, actually accomplished something worthwhile while strolling thru downtown Houston; I looked up.

Not sure what you’re seeing there? That is a glass swimming pool, hanging off the 40th floor of an apartment building approximately 500 feet above street level. I knew this existed, but I had never looked up at the right time to see it.









This CNN article has a view from the top, too, if you’re interested. As you can clearly see, things in Houston aren’t only looking up, they are going swimmingly.


Your thoughts?

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