Two kinds of people

I’m traveling and trying out some different posting methods, so bear with me if this looks wonky. If it just reads wonky, well that’s all on me.

One of my favorite websites/blogs is called “Two Kinds of People.” It’s a graphical representation of some of the glaring, yet mostly inconsequential, differences between people. Idiosyncrasies that drive us crazy about people that we love and spend lots of time around. The site isn’t updated regularly, but I check in every once in a while and I always enjoy going back and seeing some of my favorites. The wrapping paper one always cracks me up.

The husband and I are definitely two kinds of people, especially when it comes to travel. Well, not so much the travel itself as the preparation for travel.

Here’s how it works for me and a one-week trip:

Our flight is on a Saturday morning. The weekend before, I start making a list of all the things I need to do before leaving town. On Monday, I start doing all the laundry, laying out my clothes, and planning what I can wear that week that I don’t want to take with me. All week long, I add and subtract clothes and gather together all the other stuff (entertainment, first aid kit, toiletries.) I worry about too much stuff and not enough stuff. I ponder different suitcase options. I make target, grocery, and petsmart runs. I check weather reports for where I’m going and where I live (When should I mow the lawn? Can I get the dog to the kennel when it’s not raining?) I stop mail and paper and let neighbors know we are leaving and do whatever else needs to be done to leave the house for a week (move the plants, wash the dishes, take out the trash, etc). I have several conversations with my non-husband traveling companion about what we are going to do on the trip. I worry. I pretty much have it all pulled together on Thursday and I am pretty much completely packed up by Friday afternoon.

Here’s how it works for the husband:

Our flight is on a Saturday morning. On Friday at about 8:00 pm he starts to make a packing list. Then he invites the new neighbors over to watch the bats come out of the bat house. Then he watches part of the baseball game. At 9:30 he goes up to pack. He yells at me for not washing one shirt that he wanted, but then he finds it (clean). At 11:00 pm he is mostly packed up. At least enough that he is finished in the bedroom so I can go to sleep. He doesn’t worry.

The two kinds of people syndrome continue right until we get on the plane.

Here’s how I plan for an 11:30 flight:

It takes 45 minutes to get to the airport, allow an extra 15 minutes. Plan to arrive two hours before the flight, Allow time to stop for gas and Starbucks on the way. So leave at 8:15.

Here’s how the husband plans for an 11:30 flight:

It takes 30 minutes to get to the airport. Allow 10 minutes for off-site parking. We are TSA pre for this flight, so get to the airport one hour before the flight. I guess we should allow some time for gas and Starbucks on the way. So leave at 9:45.

In a two kinds of people marriage, it’s all about compromise. I don’t nag him about packing and planning for a trip. I don’t include any items for him on my pre-trip to-do list. I don’t start yawning and dropping hints until at least an hour after my usual bedtime. He, on the other hand, leaves the house way too early and doesn’t complain while sitting at the gate.

Once we’ve actually left the house, we are more of a one kind of traveling person. Aside from the whole one-of-us-likes-to-travel-and-one-doesn’t thing. Good thing there are many measures of compatibility.

3 thoughts on “Two kinds of people

    • Utah! Family wedding preceded by some serious hiking with the younger generation. My motto for the week will be “No, no you go on ahead. I’ll join up with you on your way back down.”

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