A feast for the eyes – part three

We left Moab feeling that it was a place we’d willingly visit again, but also realizing that we likely wouldn’t ever return to this corner of Utah. It’s not really on the way to anywhere and there are so many other places in the American West that we’d like to explore.

We rendezvoused with D#2 and not the son-in-law (ntsil) and went into Big Cottonwood Canyon in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest to hike the Donut Falls Trail. In drier times, the water gently falls thru a hole in the rocks creating a unique waterfall that you can hike up to and around. During the spring snow melt run-off, however, the stream is rushing and the whole effect of the donut is less dramatic. Still a pretty waterfall, however, that I don’t happen to have a picture of. (See previous comment about checking other family members’ facebook and instagram pages.) I do have this shot of the daughters-as-intrepid-explorers a little further up the mountain trail.

The daughters taking in the view.

From there we drove to the High West Distillery for an informative tour and tasting and then on to Park City where we met up with the extended family for our nephew’s wedding. The wedding was lovely, the mountains and the scenery were spectacular, and it was grand to reconnect with family that we don’t see nearly often enough. Northern Utah is a place we are much more likely to revisit, both because of its proximity to the airport in Salt Lake City and because our nephew and his new wife make their home there. We did have some time to explore a bit around the Park City area, but we’d happily spend more time there someday.

The best part of any vacation is the people you spend it with. These four make any vacation extra special for me.

Ntsil, D#2, D#1, and the Sil, ready to do some zip-lining at Sundance.

2 thoughts on “A feast for the eyes – part three

  1. Hi Nancy! Gorgeous pictures….we have yet to get down to southern Utah but it’s on the list! Wish I had known you all were going to be in Park City! Young Hylt and Shannon live in Park City, so maybe you guys could have gotten together. We’re heading out there to visit in about two weeks. Also, big news……Shannon is pregnant and they’re having identical twin girls due October 4th. About to be grandparents 👍🏻❤️

    • Cary showed me the facebook post announcing they were expecting twin girls. Double the pleasure! I think I knew they were still in Park City, but we were pretty tied up with family and wedding stuff once we got there. But now I know I have 4 people (soon to be 6!) to visit on our next trip.

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