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Ways the pandemic has broken me n+3: Time Management

The pandemic gave me too much time, way too much time.

Back on May 28, 2020 I tweeted:

“Someday, when all this is behind us, I’m going to make an around-the-house-projects todo list and say to myself, ‘what the f@#* were you doing all those months.'”

Today is November 17, 2021. This is not all behind us yet; I still don’t know what I’ve done all these months.

TIme management has never been a personal strength. And having more free time just makes things worse instead of better. When I’m busy, I may get stressed, but I at least actually accomplish things. Because I HAVE to. When I have nothing on a schedule, there’s no impetus to actually do anything.

I am starting to have some regularly scheduled activities again, but I still feel mostly unproductive.

Time management, decision making, setting priorities. All skills I need to relearn and develop thanks to the pandemic. My pandemic mantra might have been “Doing nothing is hard work, you can’t stop to rest.” It’s time to work on a new mantra.


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