About Me

Life is pretty darn great here in Houston, Texas. I have two daughters now launched into adulthood and a husband of 34 years and counting. And there are days when I just think that I have a lot to say. This blog is intended to serve as my personal, albeit now public, journal. I’m just hoping for a place to write down and perhaps share my many random thoughts. Thoughts from the back refers mostly to the fact that I used to work in the backroom at Blue Willow Bookshop in west Houston. I may not work there anymore, but I still love reading books and talking books and having piles of books around my house. So I have a lot of thoughts about books. I should have more time now for puttzing in the backyard and maybe taking some trips on some backroads. I also play racquetball, and tend to play from the back of the court because my reflexes and speed just aren’t what they used to be. I’m not the hard charging driver in life, more like the back seat passenger who has plenty of comments on scenery and directions, but isn’t actually in charge of where the car is going. I also like sitting in the back of the room so I can see everything that’s going on. This blog also serves as my backdoor, you know, not the formal front entrance, but the place where your friends come in. Bear with me as I haphazardly continue to blog, and I hope you’ll come back soon and share your thoughts on mine.

Your thoughts?

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