Electricity came back about an hour ago, allelujah!

We had actually set up Drott Camp ver. 2.0 this afternoon. We set up our pop-up camper in the driveway and borrowed a generator from a neighbor who was heading out of town. So we had lights, a/c, and a better camp stove. (The husband and I have seen an awful lot of each other over the past week…maybe I’ll suggest that he sleeps out in the camper anyway.)

What a great mood lifter – everyone left on the street came out and whooped and hollered.

They are still releasing water from the reservoir at a rate that will keep our neighborhood flooded, tho not cause any new structures to flood. But it will bear watching, and people will have to continue to wait before they can begin cleanup.

Just wanted to share some good news for a change. I’m sure I’ll be posting about Harvey for some time to come.

Update from Camp Drott

It’s Friday morning, still without power. The weather has been cooperating, but there’s a reason why we don’t usually go camping in August. Water is down about 6 inches from the peak, but current/flow of the bayou is still coming thru the neighborhood 2 streets away. 

I’m still in a bit of survivalist/conservation mode – tho we can get out to restock, but I’m not thrilled with just driving around looking for stuff for the heck of it.  Recharging phones on neighbor’s generators and Cary is going 5 blocks to “office” in the neighborhood bookstore which has power, A/C, and (sometimes) wifi. So far, it’s not like it’s so busy that he’s in the way. Will be heading to d#2’s this weekend to take care of her dog and do some laundry.

Yes, we could just leave, but we really don’t want the whole neighborhood to be cleared out – we haven’t had actual trouble with looters, but there are a lot of people coming thru to ogle at the flooding or thinking there might be a way over the bayou thru our neighborhood or Dairy Ashford: it makes all of us a little edgy. 

And of course….if more rains come…..

So we’re fine. A bit grumpy. A lot heartbroken. Wishing I felt secure enough in my own situation to find a place to volunteer and help – that will come soon, the shock is beginning to wear off. It will likely be weeks before our neighbors will be able to even start cleaning up, but I know there’s other places I could be helping. 

D#2 Guest Post – Parents are OK!

Hello! D#2 here with a guest post! Dad is currently mooching off my wifi, Mom is walking my dog, and Milo is earning his keep by mauling any looters taking a nap at the house.

The parentals can still safely make it in and out of their neighborhood for the time being but the reservoirs have not stabilized yet. The water is still rising. They’re going on day 5 of this storm and the whole thing is unreal. Luckily, I’m a 30 min drive away and have AC, cold beer, ice cream and hugs. Now that they’ve seen signs of life in the outside world they will have new topics of conversation to share with the neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors, I’d like to say thank you to the community that is keeping my parents spirits high and supporting each other through this traumatic event. Stay safe. The sun is out again and the waters will recede.

My residence had a minor roof leak and minimal water seepage from the backyard so we were part of the lucky few who stayed safe and dry. Those of us who were able returned to work today and now we start the aftermath of helping our city rebuild.

If you’re outside the city and looking to help here are some local places you can contribute to….

Greater Houston Community Foundation – Set up by our Mayor to raise funds for helping communities around town

Volunteer Houston – if you are here and want to go help they’re collecting lists of volunteers to deploy around the city once things are safe

Swamp Plot Shelter List – Swamp Plot (Houston Area Real Estate Site) has a crowdsourced spreadsheet from Sketch City (Local Non-Profit Technology Group) with a list of shelters and what they need.

I know Houston is getting a lot of the news coverage. We’re big and flashy. When looking for ways to help don’t forget to send some love (and by love I mean money and supplies) to the rest of the Texas and Louisiana coast that was hit by Harvey.

Image result for counties affected by harvey

This is out of date and doesn’t include Louisiana. This thing was huge and bad and people need help. 

TLDR: Parents are okay! House will be okay! D#2 is okay! Houston and the rest of the Texas and Louisiana coasts need your help! Thank you for all of the love and support and reading of this blog. Stay safe out there. This is almost over.